#11 Instagramers about Plant-based Food & Health You Must Check out

Below you will discover (or rediscover) 11 Instagram profiles about plantbased food and health that are dear to me. If you are already active on Instagram, I encourage you to check them out!

Country Life Natural Foods (@countrylifefoods)
Website: countrylifefoods.com (Get 10% off with the coupon code CLF10)

Sarah Jane (@eaten2.0)

A Table in the wilderness ( @atableinthewilderness)

Palatable Plants(@palatableplants)

Beatriz (@palatableplants)

Angelica Cristina ( @evengelistahealth)

Adventist Potluck (@adventistpotluck)

Brotherly Love Ministry – Health (@brotherlyloveministry_health)

Heavens Delight (@heavensdelight2000)

Julie Elizabeth (@julie._elizabeth)

TheBibleDiet (@thebiblediet)

PS: I also want to encourage you to be very moderate with your phone use, especially social media, because while it can be a blessing, it can also have bad consequences on your mental, physical and spiritual health. Here is a helpful presentation that I hope will bless you and help you to be temperate with technology.

The Cell Phone Crisis

7 Scientific Facts About Animal Products

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