The Bible Diet started with a book and now has a growing presence online. The goal is to help people by sharing the health message through educational and entertaining content.

The Bible Diet shares informational content about what the Bible says regarding health and food, plant-based recipes, cooking tips, and is starting to do on-site cooking classes.

By sharing the health message, we also share Christ love. When Jesus came he healed the sick and the broken-hearted. Jesus showed us that he cares about our physical, mental and spiritual health. He also reminded us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. In Revelation, Jesus also told us to get ready for his second coming, and the health message helps people to prepare themselves for end-time events.

When it comes to health we need to spread the message even more in our churches, in the communities around us and in the world in general, and we need more presence online as well where we can reach any kind of people from everywhere in the world

On this website you will find:

  • Recipes
  • Health tips & info
  • Bible principles about health and food
  • How-tos & DIYs
  • Scientific facts
  • Health news

You are always welcome to ask questions and make suggestions by contacting us.