Some Health Consequences of Eating Unclean Animals

The phrase, “You are what you eat” could not be more true!

We have to remember that when we eat an animal, we are also eating everything that they consumed too. The consequence of eating unclean animals can lead to serious diseases and health concerns.

For example, pigs eat many undesirable things such as hair, bones and feces. These creatures have no sweat glands to release the “bad stuff”, therefore, they retain in their fat. Every particle of bacteria that they come in contact with stays in their system from birth to death. And when they are eaten, if not properly cleaned, can transmit the harmful bacteria to us. health consequences of unclean animals

Pigs can transmit trichinosis to humans. This is caused by a small worm that finds his way into animal and human muscle.

Other unclean animals can transmit infections to humans such as parasitic infection (primarily due to undercooked crabs, shrimp or snails).  Salmonella, hepatitis A, cholera and paralytic can be caused by shellfish poisoning. It is very important to thoroughly cook shellfish and seafood!

This text is taken from The Bible Diet Book. Learn more.

This text is taken from “the Bible Diet” book.


You can order a printed copy of the book by clicking here or access the digital copy of the book for free by clicking here.

Raw oysters, mussels, and clams are responsible for 85% of all illnesses caused by eating seafood according to the FDA.

health consequences of unclean animals

It is no surprise that the news these days are filled with talk about environmental concerns. Our oceans, lakes, and streams are becoming more and more polluted, full of toxins and heavy metals. This makes marine life struggle to the point where the survival of many species are in danger.

Scenic Photo of Coral Reef

Eating aquatic scavenger creatures can be harmful to human health. It is also known that pregnant women, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems are warned against eating these kind of animals.

While we know that unclean animals were put on this earth for a purpose, we need to keep in mind that eating some unclean animals can lead to health consequences.

Now that we’ve covered unclean animals, what about clean animals?


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