How to Clean Mushrooms | 3 Surprising Ways

Here are 3 ways to clean mushrooms:

1- Take a wet cloth and gently rub your mushrooms. Most of the nutrients are in the skin so it would be too bad to take it off. But do that if the mushrooms are not too dirty and preferably if they are organic.  
2- But if your mushroom are too dirty you might want to take off the skin. And this is what most chef do. You have to get a small knif and peel the skin at the top of the mushroom and cut a thin layer of the foot.
It is not recommended to wash mushroom with water. The mushroom contains 92% of water and washing the mushroom with water would make it absorb more water and damage the mushroom, and it might loose some taste and texture. 
3- But if your mushroom are really dirty and if you are in the rush to cook, wash them one by one in the water but don’t leave them too long to avoid them aborsobing water. 

And then you can slice them or not. It is up to the way you want to cook them. 
Here are some nutrients facts of the mushroom. They contain:

  • 6% of protein
  • 4% of fibers
  • 1% carbohydrates
  • 1% calorie
  • 24% riboflavin
  • 18% niacin
  • 5% vitamin D
  • 16% copper
  • 13% selenium
  • 9% phosphorus
  • 9% potassium

Mushrooms help:

  • Protect diabetics against infections
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Loose weight
  • Stimulate absorption of iron
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve bone health
  • Prevent breastfeeding and prostate cancer.

Also, if you go to the forest and see some mushroom be careful! Some are very harmful! If you really want to peek mushroom in the forest it is very possible. You need to have a book to guide you regarding the appearance of the mushrooms, to place them in a basket to not damage them.

I hope this information was helpful! If you have any questions leave a comment below 🙂


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