Are clean animals always safe to eat?

We already know that unclean animals can raise health concerns if we consume them. But what about the clean animals? Unfortunately, worldwide pollution affects animals’ living conditions. Therefore, clean animals are not always safe to eat.

Clean animals are not always treated well

Most of the animals commercialized for our food supply today are mistreated, medicated and under the threat of land and water pollution. Therefore, even animals classified as “clean” may carry diseases and can be harmful to our health. A diseased animal that we eat can bring diseases upon ourselves. clena animals safe to eat

Oftentimes, the owners of diseased animals are so afraid to keep them that they are taken to the market and sold. Processes to make animals bigger, such as injecting steroids, are unnatural and unhealthy for human consumption.

The distance of animal transportation is another big factor. Long haul truck rides across state lines is hard for the poor beasts, and result in weak, stressed, sickly animals that end up on the market.

There is Power In The Blood

Blood is life, and good food produces good blood in our bodies. Bad blood brings diseases. All the elements of nutrition necessary to make good blood are contained in a vegetarian diet.

God gave us free will so that we are not forced to love Him (otherwise it would not be real love); and so that we are free to make choices. But we must acknowledge that it is not necessary to take the life of God’s creatures in order to supply our feeding needs.

However, in certain historical times, God permitted the consumption of some meats because of circumstances. For example, just after the flood there was a lack of vegetation, so Noah and his family ate flesh meat. And later, God allowed the Hebrews to eat meat because of their rebellion.

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