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  • The Bible Diet: What does the Bible really say about food? The vital truth so much needed today!
    Supported by scientific facts.
  • Overseas Plant-based cuisine: Around the world in 100+ Simple Recipes, Cookbook
  • 12 Bible Health Principles checklist. For a better health and more happiness.

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  • +50 plant-based delicious and easy recipes, including meat substitutes, egg substitutes, dairy susbstitutes, gluten-free options, sauces and dressing.  
  •  4 weeks meal plan
  • Grocery list

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  • Health & cooking tips cards, to print & stick
  • Alkaline diet one sheet guide
  • A change of mind: the #1 thing you must do to for a long-lasting lifestyle change

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Printable PDFs containing precious information about nutrients, lifestyle tips, and more.

In addition to digital books, this bundle includes Printable PDFs about

The healthiest sources of protein

The healthiest sources of calcium and iron

The truth about the vitamin B12

The truth about good and bad sugar, fats, and sodium

Health information about drinks

Foods to avoid, with scientific facts

The healthiest foods, with scientific facts

Book Testimonies

I am blown away by the careful thought & effort put into this amazing recipe book. With each turn of the page,  I’m transported to another part of the world I have never had the privilege of visiting. The beautiful photos make me feel like I am there. Anne has really outdone herself with these recipes & has carefully created plant based versions of a variety of cultural dishes. The recipes are simple to follow yet pack a serious flavour punch! You won’t regret getting this book!

Tammy – Palatable Plants

The Bible Diet is a great book to help kickstart a healthy lifestyle!
Today there is an overflow of information. In this book you will find Biblical answers that will clear up the diet confusion, find inspiration from God’s health plan and learn some of the most beautiful plantbased recipes as you journey through the world’s best cuisine. This book is written to delight you on your journey and is most certainly an asset to your life not to be missed. This book added a lot of value to my understanding of health and healing holistically; physically and spiritually. May you be blessed as you page through what I would say is a well written testimony that inspires.
Julie  – Julie Groenewald

Simplicity is the theme and I love it! The presentation is crisp and clean. I especially liked that in addition to food pictures, there were location pictures ,inviting us readers to feel a part of the travel experience. The recipes are clear and very easy to follow.

So, If you’re vegan/you include vegan food in your weekly diet, I highly recommend this purchase. 

ZMarie – A Canva by Zee

Overseas Plant-Based Cuisine is a cookbook where you find a vegan style cooking representative of various countries all around the world and also journeys and inspirations. 

Fans of exotic recipes, passionates about immersive dishes, or even travel and beautiful things, you are at the right place! 


Health Coaching Testimonies

Anne-Laure put me on a diet that I had never tried before! Not only it didn’t feel restrictive but it was delicious. This is a diet that you actually don’t feel on a diet lol. And it is more a life long change than a short term diet. I have lost the weight I needed to and the amazing thing is that I went off my medication I had to take for some immune system issues. My mind became also clearer and I experience less anxiety and more peace. What a blessing this change has been!


I met Anne-Laure a few months ago, I had no knowledge on the things I was doing and eating in life. She introduce me to not only a healthy eating lifestyle but also to trust in God as he was guiding me and my family. I was 180 pounds when I was introduced to plant-based eating. Best decision I ever made, I now weigh 148 pounds! In just 4 months and it just keeps going down! She helped me reach my goal. Not only have I lost weight but I feel better than ever, I feel great! My energy, my mental health always feels at 100%. I am so thankful and grateful for learning so much from her. Also, I have a 3-year-old with ADHD that wasn’t verbal at all. He had multiple choking occasions, he would choke on anything he will eat. I knew something was wrong with his swallowing and his ADHD was getting worst by that time. Nothing worked until I met Anne-Laure and she suggested me to stop all dairy products. I listen and did as she told me. 3 weeks later I started seeing a magnificent change in his behavior and he wasn’t choking on his food anymore at all! My kids now eat 100% plant-based. My son is now healthy and his ADHD is GONE! He is fully potty trained and speaks in full sentences. He hasn’t choked on anything at all since we changed our diet to plant-based. I’m grateful and proud of the outcome.


In March, I became very sick, and very quickly. I experienced respiratory problems that would not want to go away. Anne-Laure took the time to explain to me what could be done to make me feel better and share with me home remedies that would improve my condition. She even made some of them such as the powerful “flu bomb”, poultices, essential oil therapy, hydrotherapy, appropriate diet, and more. I felt much better quickly and my respiratory condition went away. 

I also have been battling with extra pounds for a while and I have tried many diets that would not work. Anne-Laure put me on a diet that not only was delicious but that made me lose about 10 pounds in a week! Even if she told me to put aside some of the food I used to eat, it didn’t feel restrictive and it was enjoyable. I am thankful for her help and I praise God for his goodness and mercy toward me.

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Total Value = $81
Special Offer = $4.99