Overtaxing the stomach is a common sin, and when too much food is used, the entire system is burdened. Life and vitality, instead of being increased, are decreased. This is as Satan plans to have it. Man uses up his vital forces in unnecessary labor in taking care of an excess of food. CD 131.1

By taking too much food, we not only improvidently waste the blessings of God, provided for the necessities of nature, but do great injury to the whole system. We defile the temple of God; it is weakened and crippled; and nature cannot do its work wisely and well, as God has made provision that it should. Because of the selfish indulgence of his appetite, man has oppressed nature’s power by compelling it to do work it should never be required to do. CD 131.2

Were all men acquainted with the living, human machinery, they would not be guilty of doing this, unless, indeed, they loved self-indulgence so well that they would continue their suicidal course and die a premature death, or live for years a burden to themselves and to their friends.
It is possible to eat immoderately, even of wholesome food. It does not follow that because one has discarded the use of hurtful articles of diet, he can eat just as much as he pleases. Overeating, no matter what the quality of the food, clogs the living machine, and thus hinders it in its work.—[Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 51] Counsels on Health, 119, 1890 CD 131.4

Intemperance in eating, even of healthful food, will have an injurious effect upon the system, and will blunt the mental and moral faculties.—The Signs of the Times, September 1, 1887 CD 131.5

Nearly all the members of the human family eat more than the system requires. This excess decays and becomes a putrid mass…. If more food, even of a simple quality, is placed in the stomach than the living machinery requires, this surplus becomes a burden. The system makes desperate efforts to dispose of it, and this extra work causes a tired, weary feeling. Some who are continually eating call this all-gone feeling hunger, but it is caused by the overworked condition of the digestive organs.

Needless worries and burdens are created by the desire to make a display in entertaining visitors. In order to prepare a great variety for the table, the housewife overworks; because of the many dishes prepared, the guests overeat; and disease and suffering, from overwork on the one hand and overeating on the other, is the result. These elaborate feasts are a burden and an injury.—Testimonies for the Church 6:343, 1900 CD 132.2

Gluttonous feasts, and food taken into the stomach at untimely seasons, leave an influence upon every fiber of the system; and the mind also is seriously affected by what we eat and drink.—The Health Reformer, June, 1878 CD 132.3

Close application to severe labor is injurious to the growing frames of the young; but where hundreds have broken down their constitutions by overwork alone, inactivity, overeating, and delicate idleness have sown the seeds of disease in the system of thousands that are hurrying to swift and sure decay.



  1. Marvin

    Temperance in snacking is at times one of the most difficult for me. While I certainly have gotten better at this and choosing healthier options at that, I aim to not “overtax the stomach” which will result in health problems. My brother shared his testimony with me of how he overcame snacking and craving for sugary and salty foods. He related that each time he had a craving to snack on things and for sugary and salty foods, he would pray and read his bible! A short time later he would not have these cravings. He actually lost about 20 pounds in less than a month besides being able to come off of hypertension meds among others. GOD is good! If we put our trust in HIM, we will overcome these things.

    • admin

      Hi Marvin,

      Yes, temperance in snacking is the most difficult for me as well. I have come a long way thank God who strengthens me, but lifelong habits are sometimes hard to break. I don’t know about you, but my parents used to give me very sweet processed snacks since I started to have teeth as a baby ahah, but they thought it was good for me (at this time, there was not too much “real” info about health and food industry companies had such good marketing.. and still do today, that sugary treat seems to be healthy). But your brother testimony is amazing, thank you for sharing it. Actually, I’ll keep it in mind, I’m sure it will help me. And I’d love to share it with others. Do you think he would agree to have a small interview?

    • Diana Praba Botwey

      I want to be part of this

  2. Laure

    Amazing verses about temperance!

  3. Kenneth

    Nice info about temperance!


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